Quranic Proofs for The Return of Isa(Jesus) Alayihis Salatu Wassallam

With due respect, some scholars today reject the consensus of the Scholars of Ahl Us Sunnah Wa Al Jama’ah on the Second coming of Isa(Jesus) Alayihis Salatu Wassallam in this world before Qiyamah(Day of Judgement). 
Here I will INSHALLAAH present to you the Quranic proofs from Tanwir Al Miqbas min Tafsir Ibn Abbas (Note: Ibn Abbas RadiALLAAHU Anhu was a companion of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam and there can’t be anyone more knowledge in this matter than Hazrat Ibn Abbas RadiALLAAHU Anhu).
First Proof: Surah Zukhruf(Surah 43) Ayat 61:
(And lo! Verily) in the coming of Jesus the son of Mary (there is knowledge of the Hour) there is an indication of the coming of the Hour; it is also said that this means: his coming is a sign of the advent of the Hour. (So doubt ye not concerning it) so have no doubt in the coming of the Hour, (but follow Me) by professing Allah’s divine Oneness. (This) profession of divine Oneness (is the right path) an established religion with which Allah is pleased: i.e. the religion of Islam.
Second Proof: Surah Nisa(Surah 4) Ayat 159:
(There is not one of the People of the Scripture) the Jews and Christians (but will believe in him) in Jesus, that he was not a sorcerer, Allah, His son or His partner (before his death) after the soul of Jesus expires, that is after he comes down again and then dies after every single Jew in their time, (and on the Day of Resurrection he) Jesus (will be a witness against them) through delivery of the message.
After this the matter should be crystal clear in your minds that Isa(Jesus) Alayihis Salatu Wassallam will definitely return before Qiyamah.

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