Who Abdullah ibn Masud Cursed?

On the authority of ‘Abdullâh Ibn Mas’ûd – Allâh be pleased with him, who said:
May Allâh curse those women who tattoo or seek to be tattooed, those women who remove facial hair or seek it to be removed and those women who put gaps between their teeth for beautification; those who seek to change Allâh’s creation.
This reached a woman from Banî Asad who was called Umm Ya’qûb and who used to read the Qur`ân. She came to [Ibn Mas’ûd] and said, “What is this I hear from you, that you curse women who tattoo or seek to get tattooed, and those who remove facial hair and those who put gaps between their teeth for beauty, those who change Allâh’s creation?” ‘Abdullâh [Ibn Mas’ûd] replied, “And why should I not curse those whom Allâh’s Messenger has cursed and those who are mentioned in Allâh’s Book?” She said, “I have read [the Qur`ân] from cover to cover and I have not seen it mentioned.” He replied, “If you had really read it [carefully] you would have found it; Allâh the Mighty and Sublime said:
And whatever the Messenger gives you, take it; and whatever he forbids you, shun it. [Al-Hashr (59):7]
The woman then said, “Well I have just seen some of this on your own wife.” He said, “Go and see her.” So she went to the wife of ‘Abdullâh but didn’t see anything. She returned to him and said, “I don’t see anything.” He said, “Well, if any of those practices had been done I would not be with her any more.”
Al-Bukhârî and Muslim. This translation is from the version in Muslim.

Islam and Secularism

The Ear, Eyes, Nose, Tongue is for hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting respectively. If someone uses the tongue to see, or the ear to taste, or the eyes to hear, he will be declared a fool because it's being used out of it's limit.

If there is a table in front of you, you have touch it to feel it's of hard wood, you can see it's color with your eyes but you'll not be able to use your eyes and hands to know who made this table, and hence you cannot conclude it was created by itself because you were not there while it was created and you did not witness it's creation. Here intellect tells us that it is made by a carpenter.

And as the intellect has a limit, it fails to go beyond that. After that, the next source of knowledge if Divine Revelation(Heavenly revelations by ALLAH).
Using the intellect when you have Divine Revelation for an act or what to do in what situation is like using the ears for seeing and the eyes for hearing. People don't understand this simple concept.This does not mean the intellect is useless because it has limits rather it's highly serviceable but within it's limits. That too does not means the five senses of a human being is useless because it has limits, no they are highly serviceable but within their limits.

This is the difference b/w Islam and Secularism. Secularism have nowhere to go as a source of knowledge after the five senses and the intellect and hence when they reach their limit but are still used foolishly the system is also a foolish one. Islam uses the third source of knowledge as well, which is limitless. The Divine Revelation, The Knowledge of ALLAH Almighty. This makes Islam better than the Secular system.

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