Would You Care To Understand? An Answer to Would You Permit Me by Nizar Qabbani

In a country where thinkers are assassinated, and writers are considered infidels and books are burnt, in societies that refuse the other, and force silence on mouths and thoughts forbidden, and to question is a sin, I must beg your pardon, 

would you permit me? 

Answer: Thinkers are not assassinated, people with false claims and fitnah's are. If they write like that they will be considered infidels, books were also burnt in 1492 care to write a poem on that?, if you do wrong you will be refuted. Silence can communicate a thousand words better than words which contains fitnahs. To question to learn is a deed, to question to misguide and ask for the sake of it is a sin.

Would you permit me to bring up my children as I want, and not to dictate on me your whims and orders.

Answer: If you are a muslim you will always be shown the right path by fellow muslims, if you don't follow that path, that's your own right, but you cannot label the people who show you the path to be wrong.

Would you permit me to teach my children that the religion is first to God, and not for religious leaders or scholars or people?

Answer: Who said it is not first to GOD? The leaders will take you in the journey to that right path to God. A person who is 

misguided and one who is guided can't be the same. You can't study a subject until you are taught by someone about it's rules and theorems. That teacher was the Prophet Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam and the scholars are on his path.

Would you permit me to teach my little one that religion is about good manners, good behavior, good conduct, honesty and truthfulness, before I teach her with which foot to enter the bathroom or with which hand she should eat?

Answer: Religion is about selected things, Deen(Way of Life) is about how you live your life from going to the bathroom or urinating or what is the right manner of eating to standing in front of your Creator. And that can be followed from following the Sunnah which has to be made a habit from childhood, not something that you consider explaining when your kids are at an age where they'll be hard to change.

Would you permit me to teach my daughter that God is about love, and she can dialogue with Him and ask Him anything she wants, far away from the teachings of anyone?

Answer: God is Al-Wudud(The God of Love) but HE also says to follow him and HIS Prophet Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam, not what You(yourselve) think of something to be right or wrong.

Would you permit me not to mention the torture of the grave to my children, who do not know about death yet?

Answer: Then tell them about death, why don't you? Don't you think if it would've been something that should not be told to the children, ALLAH's Prophet Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam wouldn't have mentioned such things to her daughter Fatima RadiALLAHU Ta'ala Anha and to her daughter's sons Hassan RadiALLAHU Anhu and Hussain RadiALLAHU Anhu?

Would you permit me to teach my daughter the tenets of the religion and its culture and manners, before I force on her the 'Hijab' (the veil)?

Answer: The culture of the religion includes Hijab as a very important part of a female's life. People who don't teach it's importance to kids in young age then pity themselves for not doing so when their daughters are raped or sexually abused in the public, just because she did not have the habit of covering since childhood or was not explained it's importance since her infancy.

Would you permit me to tell my young son that hurting people and degrading them because of their nationality, color or religion, is considered a big sin by God?

Answer: It is considered a big sin when the people at the other end are also not hurting, degrading or abusing to an extreme extent your nationality, color or religion

Would you permit me to tell my daughter that revising her homework and paying attention to her learning is considered by God as more useful and important than learning by heart Ayats from the Quran without knowing their meaning?

Answer: Learning knowledge to increase fear of ALLAH in yourself is considered more useful and important. Nothing can match the feeling you gain when you learn the Ayats of Quran by heart at a young age, and when you reach puberty you understand each and every word that you already have memorized. In fact, there are thousands of institutes in the world today where they teach religious and wordly knowledge both at the same time.

Would you permit me to teach my son that following the footsteps of the Honorable Prophet begins with his honesty, loyalty and truthfulness, before his beard or how short his robe (long shirt/dress) is?

Answer: It begins not only with honesty, loyalty and truthfulness and not with having a beard and how short the robe. It 

begins with each and every Sunnah that is to be followed, even if it's the Sunnah of going to the Bathroom for urinating or stool to wearing respectable clothes rather than clothes which is the same whether you wear them or not.

Would you permit me to tell my daughter that her Christian friend is not an infidel, and ask her not to cry fearing her friend will go to Hell?

Answer: Would you pass in the exam that your school takes if you've not read the right portion of the book and if you've not followed the instructions of the Examiner if the right way. It's even allowed to give shelter and protection to the non-muslims until they listen to the Word of ALLAH, Islam is what ALLAH and his Messenger Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam taught not what muslims who don't know Islam practice.

Would you permit me to argue, that God did not authorize anyone on earth after the Prophet to speak in his name nor did he vest any powers in anyone to issue 'deeds of forgiveness' to people?

Answer: Well then why don't you follow someone who has been vested powers to issue deeds of forgiveness to people by following his Sunnah and how he interpreted Islam rather than follow your own understanding? 

Would you permit me to say, that God has forbidden killing the human spirit, and who kills wrongly a human being is as if he killed all human kind, and no Moslem has the right to frighten another Moslem?

Answer: Oh yeah? I dare you to explain this to the non-muslims around the world killing on average thousands of muslims a day. Where were you then? 

Would you permit me to teach my children that God is greater, more just, and more merciful than all the (religious) scholars on earth combined? And that his standards are different from the standards of those trading the religion, and that his accountability is kinder and more merciful?

Answer: Which does not mean that even when you know the truth and the right way you follow the wrong and say that because you're merciful i enjoyed my life full of desires and how I wanted to live my life. If that was the case, the people of 'Ad, Thamud, Qaryah, Lut, Hud and every past nation would've been forgiven.

Would you permit me?

Finally, first get your knowledge of Islam right and read the true religion rather than your own explanations or of people other than the Prophet Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam and His Sahaba RadiALLAHU Ta'ala Alayihim Ajmaeen and whoever follows on their path to righteousness.

Concluding, Islam is not what people have interpreted of it, it is that which ALLAH has sent in a period of 23 years on his Prophet Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam's chest and who interpreted it to his Companions RadiALLAHU Alayihim Ajmaeen who further spread it all over the world.

If any of the answers offended you, then maybe i was wrong in what i've said because ALLAH's Deen is right, it's followers have gone astray. 

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