Virtues of Wudu in the light of Hadith

(417/15) It is related by Uthman Radhi ALLAHU Ta'ala Anhu that the Messenger of ALLAH Sallallahu  Alayihi Wassallam said: "Whoever performed wudu and performed it well (i.e., according to the prescribed rules) all his sins will go out, even from under his nails."                                     (Bukhari and Muslim)

Commentary: It shows that anyone who performs wudu properly (i.e. as taught by the Prophet Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam and in conformity with his own regular practice) and with the object of attaining purity not only will the dirt and grime be washed away from his body and the state of inner uncleanliness called Hadis dissappear, but the filthiness of the sins will also be removed from him, owing to its auspiciousness and besides purification from Hads, he will be cleansed of his sins as well.

(41 8116) It is related by Abu Hurayrah Radhi ALLAHU Ta'ala Anhu that the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alayihi Walayihi Wassallam said: "When a Muslim bondsman performs wudu and, during it, washes his face and pours water over it, all the sins he has committed with the eyes are removed from his face (i.e., are washed away) with the water; after it, when he washed his hands, all the sins he has committed with the hands are washed away from them; and, after it, when he washes his feet all the sins he has committed with the feet (i.e., by using them for that purpose) go out of them till by the time he has finished wudu he becomes completely pruified from sin." (Muslim)

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