Islamic Modernization and why it is senseless according to me

Assalamu Alaikum, May Peace and Blessings of ALLAH S.W.T be upon you all. 

So ummm, this is the first time i'm writing a blogpost myself so bare with me for any spelling, language or grammar mistakes etc as i'm not a pro in this. 

Moving on, you might wonder what influenced me to write this post today?
i thought of writing this blogpost for a couple of reasons, the most important of which is that i never wrote one myself since i've joined blogger :D. Further more, i've been reading and seeing a lot of people saying that Islam should be revived according to the era which we live in today as the rulings or commandments of Islam, in fact some go on to say that Islam is now old for this so-called Modern Era or as they deem it "The Scientific Era". Now this is another Fitna we face these days, everything should be proved through science or it's proved wrong.

Now i asked one of my friends the other day some questions(keeping in mind he's a huge support of Islamic Modernization).

So the questions were something like this,

I said: Tell me one thing, is a theory revived or a fact? In fact, tell me this, is a fact revived or a theory?

He said: both

I said: elaborate

He said: a fact can also be revived as well as theory, but theory is based on ideas.

On which i said: which can be proved wrong, right?

So he said: yes because there are more chances of it being distorted, so it can be proved wrong.

Now here goes the interesting part,

I asked him: then what do you think Islam is? A fact or a theory?

He said: it's a fact, based on a theory. 

I said: if it's based on theory, it could be proved wrong. Theek? if it can be proved wrong, how would it be divine ?

Now he says: U cant put your logic in it, because a divine thing is more superior than logic.

So i said: My friend then i think you've answered your own questions regarding Islamic Modernization.

Because think about it, if something is more superior than ur logic, that means u can't comprehend or understand it totally, and if you can't do so, how would u be able to revive it or revise it? Isn't the idea deceiving?

Well my friend disappeared after that, but i think i've made my point to all of you reading the post that why modernizing or reviving Islam according to today's modern era i.e. according to what is proved by science is wrong.

Though we do have examples of some great personalities linking the sciences and knowledge of their era with Islam and presenting a great picture of how everything that Islam provides can be proved, whatever of it can be perceived by the sciences of their times.

A great example of such work can be seen by Imam Ghazali's Ihya Ulum Ud Din(Revival of Religious Learning) and on Imam Ghazali's footsteps Allama Iqbal wrote one of his masterpiece work Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam, though it can never be compared to Imam Ghazali's book. I'll recommend u to read both of them, and they're a great read for all the people out there trying to look for a revivification of Islam and the commandments of Islam.

With that i'm ending the very first post i've written on my blog, i hope u liked it. I'd welcome the comments whether in disagreement to what i wrote or in favor of it. 
May ALLAH guide us all.

JAZAKALLAH for reading :)

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