Moderate Community

Al-Baqarah (The Cow) Chapter 2: Verse 143 (partial)
"Our (goal) is to transform you into a moderate community so you can be a witness to all people, even as the Messenger is a witness to you."

The most distinguishing characteristic of Islam and, when loyal to that characteristic, of the community of Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, is that it is far from all kinds of extremism. Islam represents the middle way in all aspects of life. 

The human being has three cardinal drives or faculties, namely the intellect or reasoning power, lust or worldly appetite, and anger or the impulse to self-assertion or defence. Each of these faculties has an upper and lower extreme. For example, the extremes of the intellect are demagogy or deceitful reasoning, and the refusal or failure to reason, namely stupidity; the extreme conditions of lust are wanton self-indulgence and listlessness; and of anger arrogant, thoughtless rashness, and self-absorbing cowardice. The teachings of Islam discipline and balance these faculties. The disciplining of the intellect enables the acquisition of knowledge that is sound and functions as wisdom. The disciplining of lust results in the development of the virtues of restraint and chastity and, subsequently, forbearance. The disciplining of anger results in the ability to live and act with courage in the cause of right and justice. 

Representing the middle way in its creed, its rites of worship, its social, economic and political principles, and the moral training it gives to people, Islam as a way of life means peace, balance, harmony, and salvation.

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