Attributes of Allah: Al-Haleem (The Forbearing)
One of the attributes of Allah is 'Al-Haleem'. 'Al-Haleem' means 'the One who has the attributes of gentleness, clemency, mildness, forbearance, insight, discernment, or intelligence'. Allah is Forbearing. He does not get upset or disquieted if someone does not follow His Laws or act according to His Guidance. He is Independent, Forbearing [2:263]. 

Allah holds accountable only for the oaths taken with serious intent and not for frivolous oaths [2:225, 2:235]. 

If Satan sought to cause the Believers to stumble only by means of something that they [themselves] had done;  Allah would pardon them [3:155]. He is All-knowing, Forbearing [4:12, 22:59, 33:51]. He is Forgiving, Forbearing [5:101, 17:44, 35:41]; and He is Appreciative, Forbearing [64:17].

'Haleem' also means 'one who exhibits good anger management, temper management or soul management skills on the occasion of excitement of anger'; 'one who shows tranquility on the occasion of anger'; 'one who shows the qualities of forbearance, clemency, moderation, gentleness and deliberateness despite having the power or ability to exercise the contrary qualities. The attribute of 'Haleem' has also been mentioned in the Quran for Ibrahim, the great Messenger of Allah [9:114, 11:75]. Allah says in the Quran that 'Indeed, there is for you a good example in Ibrahim' [60:4], so we must follow the example of Ibrahim and show qualities of forbearance, clemency, moderation, and good anger management.

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