Sunnah of Eating (Masnoon Way)

Sunnah of Eating (Masnoon Way)

Observe the following Sunan for Eating:

         1.       Pronounce The Tasmiyah:
             Transliteration: BISMILLAHH

         2.       Eat with the right hand.

         3.       Eat from what is in front of you.

These three Sunan has been recorded in one Hadeeth:
O young man, mention the Name of ALLAH, eat with your right and eat from what is in front of you.[Muslim, The book of Drinks, Hadeeth 2022]

         4.       If some food drops, clean it and then eat it:
If one of you dropped a morsel of food, then remove from it whatever there if of dirt and then eat it… [Muslim, The book of Drinks, Hadeeth 2034]

         5.       Eat with three fingers:
The Prophet Muhammad[P.B.U.H] used to eat with three fingers. This was his [P.B.U.H]’s way of eating and is better, unless a need requires otherwise.[Muslim, The book of Drinks, Hadeeth 2032]

         6.       The etiquette of sitting when eating:
a.       Kneel on one’s shins and frint of the feet, or
b.      Keep the right leg upright and sit on the left
This is what is preferred as was mentioned by Al-Haafidh ibn Hajar in Fath Al-Baaree.

7.       Observe the following Sunan after eating:
a.    Lick the bowl and the fingers:
The Prophet Muhammad [P.B.U.H] ordered the licking of the fingers and bowl, and he said:
Verily, You do not know in which of it (i.e. which morsel of food) is the blessing. [Muslim, The book of Drinks, Hadeeth 2033]

b.      Praise ALLAH:
Verily, ALLAH is pleased with the slave who eats his food and praises ALLAH for it…[Muslim, The book of Drinks, Hadeeth 2734]

And the supplication of the Prophet Muhammad [P.B.U.H] is:


From the benefits of this Du’aa is that:
The person’s past sins will be forgiven[At-Tirmidhee, The Book of Supplications, Hadeeth 2458. Ibn Maajah, The Book of Food, Hadeeth 3285.Shaykh Al-Albaanee graded the narration as good.]

Medical Benefits of Sunnah Way of Eating:

If you read the latest research for siting like the Sunnah mentioned above, you will be amazed to know that it helps people having stomach and eating problems, especially the sitting position will allow them to eat less and in a limit (most probably 1/3)

For people out there who have bad eating habits, and they are really worried over eating in a limit, they should try the Sunnah etiquette of sitting while eating. One of them being highlighted in the above picture. This will help by pressing the stomach with the help of the right leg so that it feels as if your stomach is already 2/3 filled(which it isn't) and only 1/3 of the space is left to eat. This position will also help in consuming 1/3 of something to drink and 1/3 to breathe as was done by the Prophet Muhammad [P.B.U.H]

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