The End (Especially For The Youth)

Brothers and sisters... We really hope this below story could remind us all... how we are going to spend our life. In a good way... or... in a bad way???
Insha Allaah we all can take an advantage from here... and May Allaah keep us always walk in the right path... ameen...

I barely knew him, I have seen him in the mosque for some days at different times and for many others I have not.

I warmly greeted him and I was keen to know him. Until one day after Al-‘Asr (noon prayer), I stood chatting with a colleague outside the mosque while he was coming. He greeted him and they seemed to know each other; they were schoolmates. We all engaged in the conversation and I invited them to visit me in my house. They agreed to come the next day after Al-‘Asr.

I asked my friend about him, he told me that he was a good character. I wondered why he did not come to the mosque for days although he was living next door. My friend told me that this guy had some bad companions in work and when one of them called him, he did not come to the mosque or attend the prayers and his travels increased.

I prayed to Allah to make me a cause in his guidance and keep him away from his bad companions. I agreed with my friends to try to be his new friends and to go out with him as much as possible in order to keep him back from the bad companionship. The man loved us and our intimacy increased. Our friendship lasted for a long time; we used to go out together in the weekends without any previous plans. I have even frequently canceled a lot of my family’s dates for his sake, as to be a cause in the guidance of one man is better than the whole world.

The time passed and I had to move to a new house on the outskirts of the town. I could not call him for a while, as I did not have a phone there so we were separated for some time. Whenever I tried to call him in his house from any place, the answer was always, “he is not here”. I was informed later that he had returned to his bad companions, he deviated from Allah’s path and went astray after he had tasted the sweet taste of faith. He ignored his family and returned back to his bad behavior; leaving the congregational prayers, recitation of Qur’an, valuable books and good company. He listened to songs and he totally fell behind.
I repented his state and prayed to Allah for both of us. I have even asked some of the brothers to return back and go out with him, but after some time a received a sad call from a friend telling me that the guy was dead. I could not help but saying, “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return”.

I wanted to know what has happened to him as I have tried to contact him many times but I failed to find him. My friend told me that he has traveled to the East of Asia with his bad companions and he has taken an over dose! “Over dose of what?” I asked. “Of DRUGS”, he replied. “ He died there and was put in a bier on the returned flight with a report stating the cause of his death”, he added.

I was filled with grief for his bad sad end and I realized that hearts are between the fingers of Allah, the most Merciful, He changes it as He likes. The man was not sincere in his repentance (tuba) so he could not proceed, he has even returned to his previous state. “ To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return”.

I raise my hands to the sky and supplicate from my entire heart saying: (Oh Allah, the Changer of hearts, makes my heart steadfast to Your religion).

Quoted from “Al-Zamn Al-Kadem” (The next period) written by Abd Al-Malik Al-Kasem (amended).
Have you seen dear brothers how the man may leave the right path after he tasted the sweet taste of faith and felt the love of Allah Almighty Who is true when He says, “And keep thy soul content with those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking His face; and let not thine eyes pass beyond them, seeking the pomp and glitter of this Life; nor obey any whose heart We have permitted to neglect the remembrance of Us, one who follows his own desires, whose case has gone beyond all bounds”.

(Al-Kahf: 28).

Life is a test that leads either to Paradise or to Hell.

And Allaah knows best.


  1. Inna nillahe wa inna ilaihe rajiun.
    This is a very nice post. Such reminders are necessary to jolt us back to our purpose of life in the midst of everyday hustle bustle.

  2. JAZAKALLAH khair, INSHALLAH, i'll need u people help to spread the message


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