1 Sunnah 1 Day Project: Sunnah of Waking Up

Sunnah of Waking Up (Masnoon Way)

1.       Wipe the effects of sleep from the face with your hands:

Imam An-Nawawee and Ibn Hajar stated this wiping to be desirable based on the following:

When the Messenger of ALLAH (P.B.U.H) woke up, he would sit up and rub away the effects of sleep from his face with his hand.

2.       Say the supplication for waking up:


Translation: All praise is for ALLAH who gave us life after death (sleep) and to HIM is the resurrection.

3.       Use a Siwaak (Miswaak) i.e. The Islamic Toothbrush:

When the Prophet (P.B.U.H) woke up from the night (sleep), he used to clean his mouth with a Siwaak.

4.       Snuff Water:

When one of you wakes up from sleep, then snuff water three times. For indeed, Shaytaan spends the night in the upper part of his nose.

5.       Wash both hands three times:

When one of you wakes up from sleep, he must not dip his hand into a utensil until he washes it three times…

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