So, the tower in Makkah is the tallest building in the world, i wonder how much did it cost Saudi Arabia to build that tower, millions ?, billions ?, trillions maybe ?....


How nice it would've been if the govt. of Saudi Arabia instead of building the tallest building(which is good for nothing, except it shows time, for which most of the people have watches or mobile phones) donated it to Africa, or some other third world country, and did a check and balance, that is the money being used efficiently. ALAS, no one thinks like that today, not even the ones living in the Holy Land.


  1. Yea and v r forgettin one important thng...We go to the Holy city to perform pilgrimage and the main purpose of pilgrimage is to get away from the material world and indulge completely in Allah`s remambrance...Now if u have got a luxurious hotel where u r stayin then wats d point of makin d pilgrimage.....v r supposed to go thru hardships at least for the pilgrimage!!...

  2. exactly, that's the thing,

    after all, these are one of the Last day's signs


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