The right way to say SALAM Mistakes which we usually do without knowing about their nuisance..

People while writing or speaking, sometimes pronounce or write
ASSALAM-O-ALLIKUM (salam) in a wrong manner and offer a SIN ...

Kindly jot these mistakes and try to correct them..

(Allah may destroy you)

(Allah may give you death)

(Allah will make you thirsty for happiness)

(You will have curse)

These all are very basic mistakes even as a MUSLIM some times we do these silly mistakes..

So be careful while saying;ASSALAM-O-ALLIKUM
(You will have blessing)

Please forward it and spread awareness:
Try to collect each & every blessing no matters it's small or big..
If you haven't invited you'r friends yet than kindly invite them and earn some blessings .. As we are serving ISLAM by spreading it try to Serve it too..
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If you have any queries message us..
Jazakallh & Assalam o Allikum..
May ALLAH bless all MUSLIM ummah

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