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As we all know what is Global warming,
it is an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes) 
So, scientists say that, this is caused by activities of the human, they release carbon dioxide because of their so-called "Un-Environmental" activities, but my question is since when did humans get such power to control and destroy the Perfect World made by THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH, believing in this theory means that we are contradicting the idea that HIS construction  is perfect and without flaws, as ALLAH S.W.T says in the QURAN(Surah 59: Al-Hashr Ayat 23
The entire universe belongs to Him.  Only His law is in force in it; and no one else’s.  His powers and knowledge are unlimited.  His Being is most perfect and beyond any defect; and He provides nourishment for the development and completion of one's personality.  He protects everything in the universe from the effects of destructive forces and nothing is outside the umbrella of His guardianship. He has complete control and authority; and He therefore has the power to take His programme to its destined goal.  He has kept everything bound strictly within His Laws so that these may not disperse here and there and disturb the universal system.  There is no one equal to Him; and all greatness belongs to Him.  He is far above the possibility that the power and authority of any one else can be ascribed a share with Him.
 The two bold sentences of the QURAN describes that, ALLAH is the supreme force protecting this universe and each and everything in this universe, which includes our earth, is protected by ALLAH ALMIGHTY, secondly, QURAN says that HIS laws are soo perfect and soo strict that it couldn't get disperse and disturb the universal system....

According to what QURAN says, as I interpreted, Global Warming is a total conspiracy, a total hoax, introduced in this world just for the worldly gains of a small amount of community, who wanna control this world and thinks that they are above ALLAH ALMIGHTY(NAUZUBILLAH)


Just a little thought by FAIZAN CHAKI


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