The ground breaking and cutting edge researh into the 2012 Armageddon Conspiracy

Well the most shocking thing in this conspiracy, or as I say, a hole in the conspiracy, which is that, the conspirers say that the world'll end on 22 December 2012 on 11 PM, now the most shocking thing about it is that, how come the world'll end on 22 December 2012 on 11 PM just like that, because there is a time difference all over the world, i.e. first 11 PM in Australia and lastly in USA, so what type of Armageddon is it where the world ends in parts following 11 PM :P

 Research Done by: Faizan Chaki


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  2. Well since we live in Japan I guess we will be one of the first to go.

  3. don't worry, GOD WILLING, nothing's gonna happen


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