The State of Earth without Sharia Law

In this day and time, the earth is in one of its most extreme phases of turmoil. We look to the horizon and we are unsure. Some have stated that the earth cannot continue to hold the amount of people that are being born. Others are saying that arable land is scarce, thus widespread starvation is coming to all countries. Due to this, other countries are also fighting for space. Country after country is going to war, jockeying for position, striving to preserve their land boundaries, fighting for food and water, which is essential for survival.

Earth’s problems in the absence of the Shari`a contain 7 points:

1. The problem of natural resources being consumed and misused by others.

2. The international political and financial laws being used on the Earth are harmful, i.e. socialism, communism, capitalism, etc and are made to benefit the elite of society.

3. Pollution is becoming a serious problem as it sinks into our soil, goes into our atmosphere and leaks into our water supply.

4. Food is becoming scarce as cities become overcrowded. This has a direct impact upon the population.

5. Constant warfare is making the earth one great big battlefield. Old weapons are left about, for unsuspectingchildren or adults to stumble upon them and most likely be maimed for life.

6. Women and children are left without a home, and many homeless people are living without any hope for the future. Even those who are needy are pulled into a usury system. They are blackmailed or given false hopes through gambling to destroy them. In addition to all this, there are alarming rates of prostitution; obscenity and family ties get severed.

7. Cloning and scientific abuse is going out of control. Our food, children and way of life are being tampered with and are being changed beyond recognition.

Text taken from the book: Allah's Governance on Earth

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